Americanna Rx is here to provide safe and friendly access to naturally grown supply of first class cannabis products.

Modern medicine does some amazing things, but there are some things that the medical establishment just isn’t good at. Diagnosing and managing pain is difficult for both doctors and patients. We can help.

At AmeriCanna Rx, we deliver some of the finest quality medical—and recreational—cannabis products available. Whether you’re looking for something you can smoke, a concentrate, or some edibles, we’ve got just the thing.

Our menu is always changing, but we update it online so you can stay current with a PC or your phone.

You can generally expect to wait a bit at our dispensary—we’ve got the good stuff—but we’re open every day, even holidays. If you have a valid OHA/OMMP Patient or Caregiver Card and you’re 18+ we’ll give your order priority. If not, trust me, the wait is worth it, though our recreational customers are required to be 21 or older and EVERYONE MUST PRESENT ID.

If you’re an old hand, we’re continually trying new strains and the folks that make our edibles are trying new recipes, so stop by, we might have something new for you. If you’re new to cannabis products, either for medicinal or recreational use, please ask questions, we’re always willing to help.